Sunday, April 28, 2013

Terence McKenna on his encounter with PKD's Exegesis experiences

True stories have no beginnings and neither does the tale of PKD’s encounters with the Overmind.
 Had not the Logos itself lead me to this vision, not only by revelation but by painstaking explanation?...I knew with perfect clarity that the world of time, the illusion of history was ending. Divine Parousia was entering the world

Phil wasn’t nuts. Phil was a vortex victim.* Schizophrenia is not a psychological disorder peculiar to human beings. Schizophrenia is not a disease at all but rather a localized traveling discontinuity of the space time matrix itself. It is like a travelling whirl-wind of radical understanding that haunts time. It haunts time in the same way that Alfred North Whitehead said that the color dove grey "haunts time like a ghost."
There is an idea that wants to be born, it has wanted to be born for a very long time.** And sometimes that longing to be born seffles on a person. For no damn good reason. Then you’re "it," you become the cheese, and the cheese stands alone. You are illuminated and maddened and lifted up by something great beyond all telling. It wants to be told. It’s just that this idea is so damn big that it can’t be told, or rather the whole of history is the telling of this idea, the stuttering rambling effort of the sons and daughters of poor old Noah to tell this blinding, reality-shattering, bowel-loosening truth. And Phil had a piece of the action, a major piece of the action.

I Understand Philip K. Dick


  1. Intersting stuff!

    I wasn't aware that Mckenna was such fan of PKD. It would explain his rants about neoplatonism and plotinus.

  2. Thanks for the comment. It turns out as well that PKD was aware of McKenna and interested in his theories, as we learn in the Exegesis excerpts that were published a couple years ago. See this post

    IIRC McKenna says somewhere that he and PKD might have passed each other walking on the street in Berkeley. One only wonders what coulda happened if they had put their heads together!