Monday, October 10, 2011

Philip K. Dick on Religion, Science, and Belief in Voices from the Street

"There's nothing left of religion! You go to a church and the minister reads out of a best-selling novel. He's nothing but a psychologist. They go out and tell soldiers it's fine with Christ to kill the enemy - that's what God wants."

"It's scientists who've got us where we are, tampering with the universe. Scientists with their bombs - science is the devil's way."

"Do you understand what the prophets were?...The impact of great things yet to come impinged on their minds. Everything they saw will come about; but these events were of such foreign and awesome nature that only by rendering them in elaborate poetic imagery could they translate them into the diction of the times, and represent the events to themselves."

"Nobody decides who can be saved. Nobody selects, like a draft board picking eligible men. You're saved for the same reason a ball rolls downhill - because of natural laws."

"Don't you believe in anything anymore?"
"Nothing that exists. What I believe in is bullshit."

"I'm not loyal to anybody… It never occurred to me to be loyal to a person - only to an abstract ideal… And then I wonder why I can't find something to believe in."

again stolen from Palmer Eldritch's PKD Project

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