Saturday, May 26, 2012

PKD on "The Little Black Box"

"Here, a religion is regarded as a menace to all political systems; therefore it, too, is a kind of political system, perhaps even an ultimate one. The concept of caritas (or agape) shows up in my writing as the key to the authentic human. The android, which is the unauthentic human, the mere reflex machine, is unable to experience empathy. In this story it is never clear whether Mercer is an invader from some other world. But he must be; in a sense all religious leaders are...but not from another planet as such."


  1. it's from "The Book of Philip K. Dick" (Levack) per ... usually if I post something without attribution it's something I found googling, so googling will turn up the ref

  2. Actually I think it's Levack's PKD Bibliography

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