Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PKD and Edgar Cayce

(this was originally a Facebook comment on a thread between David Gill and Wa Da Ta)

I agree that there's plenty of interest in comparing the two, since Dick was plugging into a lotta post-Cayce New Age ideas about tapping into the unconscious using "channeling" type techniques. Like for instance the time recounted in the letters when he was high and called Tessa, told her to ask him anything since he had access to his unconscious. Sure he was skeptical, but he was able to suspend that skepticism in a way that skeptics are very uncomfortable about. Unfortunately, much of what is written about Cayce is unreadable, and much of what he himself wrote is pretty hard to swallow. I'd love to read a comparative study that distills out the interesting stuff in Cayce that doesn't require buying into his Atlantean belief system.


  1. I've been interviewing Tessa for upcoming Otaku #25 and just this morning she made this comment:

    "As for the Romantics and their notion of the "noble savage", the innocence of childhood and the sanctity of nature, Phil recognized that they were misguided fools at best and conniving propagandists at worst. Furthermore, Phil had no use for the New Age movement. He considered it on a par with television faith healers who are in it for the money. "

    If you want to see the rest of her reaction to the three part Simon Chritchley series (in NY Times blog) as well as an expanded/revised "Explaining the Inexplicable" rant/commentary from me, and MUCH more on PKD and religion and Mr. Hand and Co. at the fall Phil Fest, it's all coming soon in Otaku 25.

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