Friday, August 17, 2012

Revised schedule for the Philip K. Dick Festival

9:45-10:00 Opening Remarks - David Gill

10 - 10:30 Gregg Rickman - Dostoevsky and Dick
Independent scholar, author of three books about Dick, PKD biographer,

Track A
10:30 - 11 “Do Scientists Dream of Electric Thought Experiments”

Dr. Charles Reid

Scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory exploring how scientists can manufacture knowledge using computer simulations.

Track B

Picturing Neo-noir Consumerism in PKD Comics by Dore Ripley

The current crop of comic adaptors and artists has taken Electric Ants and Do Androids Dream of Electric Ship? as well as DADOES’ authorized prequel Dust to Dust and imagined worlds that are strangely familiar. By mixing 21st century culture (new to PKD) with what current artists/adaptors see as neo-noir sensibility, comics have created a dissonance between past, present, and future.

Doré Ripley is an instructor at California State University, East Bay and Diablo Valley College. She publishes on a wide variety of topics and genres from fairy tales, medieval literature and Shakespeare to science fiction and comics.

Track A
11 - 11:30 Philip K. Dick and Drugs

Chris Rudge

PhD student at University of Sydney writing a dissertation on PKD, Aldous Huxley, and drugs.

Track B

Brad Scheiber

PKD and Corporate/Political Paranoia:

A discussion of PKD works including A Scanner Darkly, Do Androids

Dream of Electric Sheep and the short story “Sales Pitch” and the

depiction of corporate and political subversion and malfeasance and

its parallels in American culture from the 1960s to today.

BRAD SCHREIBER has written for all media, is the author of six books

and adapted the PKD story “Sales Pitch” for National Public Radio.

Noon - 1 LUNCH

1-1:30 Neoplatonism and the Problem of Dick's Christianity

Ted Hand Webmaster, Philip K. Dick and Religion blog

ESL teacher. MA student in Religious Studies at Graduate Theological Union working on Renaissance Magic and Western Esotericism.

Religious Studies Approaches to Philip K Dick
Erik Davis

One of the editors of PKD’s Exegesis. Author of Techgnosis, The Visionary State, Nomad Codes, and many other books and articles dealing with myth, magic, technology, and contemporary culture. PhD student at Rice working in the gnosis department with Jeffrey Kripal.

2 - 2:30 Rudy Rucker - “Haunted by Phil Dick”

Science Fiction author, mathematician, computer scientist, badass

Track A
2:30 - 3 Doug Mackey Out of Time’s Joint Time is a central concern in Dick's work, and the question of the reality of time

underlies, I believe, his themes and variations on the nature of reality.

We apply the principles of orthogonal time as defined in Dick’s writings to key novels where Time is a theme, particularly Time Out of Joint, Dr. Futurity, Martian Time-Slip, Counter-Clock World, and Now Wait for Last Year.

Doug Mackey is author of a book on Philip K. Dick for Twayne; presented a paper on PKD at SFRA in the 80s; wrote the introduction and edited the book The Reality of Time by Janet Iris Sussman (2005); author of the Dickian novel Weird Scenes Inside the Godmind (2001).

Track B
David Duffy author How to Build an Android

A discussion of David Hanson’s PKD Android, its construction, development, and decapitation, as well as Duffy’s book How to Build an Android.

3 - 4 Precious Artifacts

Henri Wintz Webmaster of The Philip K. Dick Bookshelf

David Hyde, “Lord RC” author of Pink Beam: A Philip K Dick Companion

Authors will discuss their new PKD bibliography, Precious Artifacts. Discussion to be followed by “Antiques Road Show”-style show and tell of PKD Collectibles (fans encouraged to bring things for appraisal)

Track A
4 - 4:30 Self-induced Amnesia
James Burton

Currently finishing a book about PKD and Salvation in Science Fiction to be published in the UK in 2013.

Track B

Stefan Schlensag, organizer of the 2012 PKD Conference in Dortmund will tell us about PKD Studies across the pond.

5 - 6 PANEL DISCUSSION: PKD And The Next 30 Years: Lethem, Rucker, Rickels,
John Alan-Simon (director, Radio Free Albemuth)
Moderator: David Gill

6:15 - 8 Dinner, Awards Ceremony

8 SCREENING: Radio Free Albemuth with Director John Alan Simon Thoral

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