Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From Dick's notes for Maze of Death

Here is an interesting take on the Gnostic emanation as diminution concept.
Dick sure had a novelist's gift for retelling the story of trapped divinity.

"God’s learning about absolute evil from the relative evil of evil events in cosmological history, would infringe on the absolute quality of God’s goodness, since to know of evil is to become to some extent evil. Therefore, soon after creation, God became diminished -- or tainted -- by knowledge of evil, and, like man, fell into the realm of the Curse (which is an expression of that knowledge of evil by what had been purely good). It has taken God thousands if not millions of years to work his way back out of this critical situation, and, as stated before, the appearance of God in the form of the Redeemer is a sign that he has managed to climb back upward sufficiently to reintroduce new good into his creation. God, then, is once again available to man, and vice versa."

From Philip K. Dick, “Notes on the novel” circa 1968: RFPKD #7 (August 1998)

Thanks to Patrick Clark for sending me this.

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