Saturday, September 1, 2012

PKD Cutups

Confessions of a Counter-Crap World Artist

A Scanner Time-Slip

The Wub Who Japed

Upon the Dull Mars

The Shifting Realities Whose
Teeth Were All Exactly Alike

The Dark-Haired Glimmung

Galactic Puppet Healer

Puttering About in a Small Eye in the Sky

We Can Build Simulacra You

Flow My Three Stigmata, The Eldritch Policeman Said

We Can Kipple It For You Wholesale

Humpty Dumpty in The Broken Bubble

The King of the Indefatigable Frog

Expendable Unchance

I Hope I Shall Arrive Not By Its Cover

The Short Happy Life of the Crystal Crypt

The Eye of the Meddler

A World of Fair Game

Psi-Man Heal My Clay Feet

Foster, You're Human.
A Maze of Ubik

Beyond Lies The Little Black Box

The Man In The High Darkly

Vulcan's Hammer Japed

Radio Free Crack In Space

Bloodmoney Lottery

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