Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Paracelsus on "Inner Seeing"

“Just as outer seeing is suited to the farmer, inner seeing, which is secret seeing, is suited to the physician." -Paracelsus, quoted in "Paracelsian Moments" with an interesting footnote:

Opus Parmirum, I, 9:46 Paracelsus here relates the internal and the external to the three basic principles of the cosmos: sal, sulphur, and mercurius; in Opus Paramirum he treats of their effects in both worlds.

"The inner nature of everything may therefore be known through Magic in general, and through the powers of the inner (or second) sight." -Paracelsus, quoted in Hartmann

"What is required is an act of sympathetic attraction between the inner representative of a particular object in man's own constitution and its external counterpart." -Walter Pagel

Moreover, this true knowledge does not concern the brain, the seat of conscious rational thinking, but rather the whole person.
-Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, Paracelsus: Essential Readings, p.23

Philip K. Dick: [Exegesis 3:50] Inner space (of Paracelsus) is perhaps the key as to how the immortal man can be transtemporal and transpersonal.

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  1. The reason I love this, is that like our friend Phil, I often "receive" insights and do some automatic writing. Yes, I have for about 30 years now! Anyway, SEEing is the key -- Inner Seeing. My next book (coming Spring 2012) is called Vision: Seeing Clearly.

    Phil was SEEing so much and with his hypergraphia, well thus the Exegesis -- all eight thousand unruly pages of it. Paul Williams once told me he did not want it published, but I think the new version is FAB! I love the tone of it and the right amount of editing... we'll post more on the fan site and the friggin' Fbook group ;) OH, and in Patrick's Otaku, too!!

    we're all SEEing more clearly, thanks to PKD! And today, is the 40th Anniversary of the break-in. 11.17.1971 it was.