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PKD + UFO/Channeling discourse -- twitter chatter (Read from bottom up for Chronology)

t3dy @cultauthor @davidbmetcalfe Dick's method was to take whatever weird idea then ruthlessly twist+rotate it in order to make it fit his theory

t3dy @cultauthor @davidbmetcalfe The distortion is necessary since he's appropriating stuff for his own purposes, reinterpreting/plugging into...

t3dy @cultauthor @davidbmetcalfe yeah that's a whole dimension of PKD's theory that doesn't get much press: "Soviet psychotronics"

t3dy @davidbmetcalfe @cultauthor Reading PKD's ASCs/gnosticism/UFOlogy is very difficult not only bc of his sources but also his phildickian lens

cultauthor @t3dy @davidbmetcalfe Actually, this bit best done privately. Email me.

cultauthor @t3dy No, I've not written it up for a book yet.

t3dy @cultauthor thanks. but what I was asking is can you refer me to any documentation of your specific interaction with this agent you mention?

cultauthor @t3dy @davidbmetcalfe From the tape to paper, it's not too difficult to track down reports PKD was making and who followed up.

cultauthor @t3dy @davidbmetcalfe If you listen to the tapes of PKD talking about the break in and conversations with local FBI, there's a good start.

t3dy @cultauthor @davidbmetcalfe can you tell me more about this PKD COINTELPRO agent? any documentation?

cultauthor @davidbmetcalfe @t3dy I actually got hold of one of PKD's COINTELPRO who opened his mail. It's a shame to have to respect off the record.

t3dy @davidbmetcalfe @cultauthor nowhere near complete (Firebright? hello?) but perhaps with some editing...

t3dy @davidbmetcalfe @cultauthor wikipedia has a category for entities… and a list of channeled texts…

cultauthor @t3dy @davidbmetcalfe As you say, with editing...

cultauthor @t3dy @davidbmetcalfe If you talk to his friends at the time, they talk about his 'theory of week' relating to it.

cultauthor @t3dy @davidbmetcalfe However, like any good storyteller, he keeps on pushing it through narratives, trying to

make the best story of it.

cultauthor @t3dy @davidbmetcalfe From my own experiences, I'd say a lot of it was almost certainly linked to stroke.

cultauthor @davidbmetcalfe @t3dy It's a line that goes from ghost satellites to Soviet 'Woodpecker', Jack S, MK-ULTRA and Church Committee. A good line

cultauthor @t3dy @davidbmetcalfe Absolutely. His lense may give it poetic cohesion, but odten seems to distort due to it.

cultauthor @t3dy @davidbmetcalfe Of course, when he started trying to write letters to Soviet scientists about it, it really did bring down MIB.

davidbmetcalfe @cultauthor re "wider-ranging work" definitely, there's a fascinating web here across a number of different areas of culture @t3dy

t3dy @davidbmetcalfe @cultauthor wikipedia has a category for entities… and a list of channeled texts…

@davidbmetcalfe @t3dy As an Englishman, I do love how the Americans, when they worked out it was not Soviet, thought is was us being sneaks.

cultauthor @davidbmetcalfe @t3dy I've tried linking some of this stuff in a couple of my books, but it really deserves a much wider-ranging work.

cultauthor @davidbmetcalfe @t3dy William Thetford as another tentacle of MK-ULTRA (hmm.. very much like a VALIS entity name) not brought up enough.

davidbmetcalfe @cultauthor another great point, I was just reading Keel's description of the Black Night in Disneyland of the Gods @t3dy

davidbmetcalfe @cultauthor but then there's someone like Helen Schucman & her Course in Miracles, her partner has an interesting background @t3dy

cultauthor @davidbmetcalfe @t3dy I also love the way in talking to some friends, PKD equated VALIS/ZEBRA with the whole Black Knight mystery.

davidbmetcalfe @cultauthor yeah, i was thinking of the Seth stuff and how it wasn't quite as potent. @t3dy

cultauthor @davidbmetcalfe @t3dy Now days any old entity - even ones called Seth - get taken seriously by some.

cultauthor @davidbmetcalfe @t3dy I love the fact in those days, most entities had to have names like VALIS, SPECTRA or ZEBRA to be taken seriously.

davidbmetcalfe @t3dy thanks Ted, it struck me that there was a similar observation on the "worth" of miracles & paranormal.

davidbmetcalfe @cultauthor is there a good list of significant channeled entities? The Nine, VALIS, SPETRA, etc.? Vallee have something perhaps? @t3dy

cultauthor @davidbmetcalfe @t3dy Also, Geller was being funded by CIA during the SPECTRA period.

cultauthor @davidbmetcalfe @t3dy I actually got hold of one of PKD's COINTELPRO who opened his mail. It's a shame to have to respect off the record.

cultauthor @davidbmetcalfe @t3dy As Geller says, he was a guy just trying to avoid the Import/Export job.

davidbmetcalfe @cultauthor putting it in that light is really interesting, PKD even had semi-MIB experiences too @t3dy

cultauthor @davidbmetcalfe @t3dy It's also fascinating to read PKD's letters to Einhorn where they speculate VALIS is a result of Soviet microwaves.

David Metcalfe @cultauthor good point re: filter - there is obviously a lot of scholarship influencing his interpretation of his experience

cultauthor @davidbmetcalfe @t3dy Let's not forget at times, PKD thought VALIS was a supercomputer from future in orbit.

cultauthor @davidbmetcalfe @t3dy That may be PKD filtering it. You don't expect much cohesion or poetry from Geller.

cultauthor @davidbmetcalfe @t3dy It's one I've spoken to Jack S. about - that side of it should not be left out.

David Metcalfe @cultauthor @t3dy seems to me VALIS is much more cohesive, all consuming & exists at a higher level of gnostic speculation.

David Metcalfe @cultauthor @t3dy do you think PKD's VALIS concept is similar to Geller's SPECTRA or Puharich's The Nine?

David Metcalfe @t3dy reason I was asking: "UFO’s don’t share the orthodox dignity of Marian visions..."

t3dy "Much can be learned from how we conscience the unknown." -David Metcalfe via @davidbmetcalfe

David Metcalfe @cultauthor interesting insight, you've just opened a fertile ground for analysis there. @t3dy

cultauthor @davidbmetcalfe @t3dy Ah VALIS, PKD's own personal Uri Geller SPECTRA.

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