Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Technically, I'm a religious anarchist... A dead cat is the ultimate refutation of any religious system."

SLASH: Are you anti organized religion?
DICK: Yes. Technically, I’m Episcopalian, but I don’t ever go. I’m interested in them because they’re a barrio church and they do lot of civil service work … technically I’m a religious anarchist.
DICK: God designed a really fucked-up universe as far as I can make out. I have this friend who had his cat and he was walking the cat and the cat tried to cross the street and a car came along and did in the cat … turned it into a fur pizza. This friend of mine has managed to destroy my whole theological edifice with this argument about his cat.
JETER: A dead cat is the ultimate refutation of any religious system. It was my cat.

from The Philip K Dick Punk Rock Connection
thanks to David Gill of Total Dick-Head for his post about the interview

in another interview:

When questioned about his own religious beliefs, Dick said he could best be classified as a "religious anarchist."
   "I'm totally against organized religion," he states. "I believe you have a direct relation with the divine or you have no relation with the divine. It has nothing to do with faith or dogmatic creeds. The initiative comes from the divine side. There is nothing you can do. All you can do is live an honest life, be brutally honest with yourself, and hope to become an object of interest with the divine beings. Using a formula to evoke them is technically called "magic." I guess you could call me a neo-Platonist with gnostic overtones."

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