Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kabbalistic PKD

[49:1043] I am sure that the plasmate—and hence the cypher in Tears—is the living Torah, the informational basis of reality, and my 2-3-74 experience was Kabbalistic—hence my seeing the Hebrew letters on the far wall by which the code (?) (or subliminal material as key) in the Xerox missive was factored out. I mean, one of the few precise elements I have that I can go on is this Kabbalistic Jewish mysticism angle. And the huge book pages I saw could have been the Torah. I could be in communication with the Shekhina or the Torah itself (the AI voice).

[49:1048] The person who could introject the cosmos would be in a position to possess absolute (and a priori) knowledge about the universe...This certainly is what being "Adam Kadmon" is all about—sure; you —your mind—would spread out throughout the entire universe!

[82:30] Judaism enters, too, since the change in the "groove" which introduces the right new good-karma restores us to Eden, to our phylogenic original unfallen state.

[82:33] (PKD's Tree of Life? -TH)
In my hypnopompic state, and that time under nitrous oxide, I saw Christ and Valis as an arborizing, reticulating vine. He is literally a vine, with a vast number of filaments stretching throughout this ecosphere; this is the meta-soma that I saw. We become immortal by becoming part of it: "You are the branches...." [...] This vine is also the kingdom of God itself, which is to say, man restored back to the Palm Tree Garden, freed from the Black Iron Prison, which is the Empire and occlusion and DNA programming.


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