Thursday, November 10, 2011

Recent study comparing Paracelsus and Swedenborg

"Swedenborg, Paracelsus, and the Dilute Traces: A Lyrical and Critical Reflection on Mysticism, Reform, and the Nature of Influence"

Should be of interest to readers of Dick's Exegesis who want to know more about his esoteric/alchemical side. I eagerly await a complete phildickian close reading of Swedenborg's corpus. This visual pun I found while searching Google Image should be a nice start.

Thanks to Apophatos for bringing this article to my attention

Here is a Paracelsus moment from the Exegesis

[3:20] Okay. I have no doubt that the sort of space I experienced in the "Alto Carmel" dream and the Voice dreams is Paracelsus' inner firmament. Thomas brought it with him, along with the huge open books. That was the mind of Paracelsus, and it was infinitely older and wiser than mine—and it embraced vast vistas, in terms of its "philosopher's stone" comprehension of the mysteries of the universe. It acted as a micro-mirror of the macrocosm. This is what generates the vast inner space: one man's little mind becomes this magic mirror of the macrocosm.

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