Monday, November 7, 2011

Major Arcana of the PKD Tarot

(to come: descriptions, instructions for divination, more information about
attributions... perhaps some original art. Anybody want to collaborate?)

00 Galactic Pot-Healer (replaces The Fool)
01 The Gnostic (replaces Magus/Magician)
02 The Dark-Haired Girl (replaces High Priestess)
03 The Ex-Wife (replaces Empress)
04 Glen Runciter/Big Protagonist (replaces Emperor)
05 The Jungian Mythographer (replaces Hierophant)
06 Divine Syzygy (replaces Lovers)
07 Pink Beam (replaces The Chariot)
08 Homoplasmate Possession (replaces Strength/Lust)
09 Horselover Fat (replaces The Hermit)
10 GO/NFMD - Groove Override/New Free Merit Deed (replaces Wheel of Fortune)
11 Sophia (replaces Justice)
12 The Worker/Little Protagonist (i.e Joe Chip,replaces The Hanged Man)
13 The Dark Counterplayer (replaces Death)
14 Hermetic Alchemy of Information (replaces Temperance)
15 Palmer Eldritch (replaces the Devil)
16 The Black Iron Prison (replaces The Tower)
17 Valis--Vast Active Living Intelligence System (replaces The Star)
18 The Android (replaces The Moon)
19 The Authentic Human (replaces The Sun)
20 Orthogonal Time (replaces The Aeon/Last Judgement)
21 Zebra (replaces The Universe/The World)


  1. Great idea! Lets start the designs! What about the minor arcana? 2 Cups - Paranoia!

  2. Will be glad to get a completed set when available!!!

  3. Ted, we can buy your amazing tarots???