Thursday, November 3, 2011

Frank Betrand reviews Claudia Bush

Here is what Frank posted about the "Dear Claudia" letters on the PKD fan forum:
"This group of so called "Dear Claudia" letters between Philip K. Dick and Claudia Bush (to become Claudia Krenz Bush, then Dr. Claudia Krenz, who did one of her two MA theses on PKD, of which I've written a review, and I happened to meet her in 2001 when I was in Alaska) took place while she was working on her MA thesis on PKD, and they both used the exchange of letters as a means to try out various concepts and ideas on each other, to get critical feedback about various philosophical issues. Do make for very intriguing reading, but we need publication with annotations of both sides of the exchange."

You can find Frank's review here

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